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Celebrity Endorsement on Consumers Purchase Decision

A Study on the Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on the Indian Consumers Purchase Decision

Project Report on Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumers Purchase Decision

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Today Celebrity Endorsements is a billion dollar industry today with companies signing deals with celebrities aiming to stand out from the clutter and give them a distinctive and significant position in the mind of  consumers. (Temperley and Tangen, 2006). Across the world, celebrities have been used for a variety of brands. India has opened its markets only recently and its witnessing an era of competition that it never experienced before (Ramesh, 2001). In today‟s very volatile economy, an increasing number of markets are signified by overcrowding of markets with products and speedy entry and exit of products into the marketplace (Mustafa, 2005). As a result of such overcrowding, it is a challenge for firms releasing their products, to capture consumer attention where consumers are being flooded with information from firms about their brand popularity and product features (Mustafa, 2005).

Friedman & Friedman (1979) suggest that a celebrity endorser is someone known to the public for their achievements in areas other than of the product class endorsed. Undoubtedly, the celebrity endorser could reinforce a company‟s marketing communications, positioning and represent its brand (Erdogan, 1999). However, the main purpose of using celebrity endorser is to influence consumer behaviour, especially purchase intention that is directly linked to revenue of the company. Firms have been juxtaposing their brands and themselves with celebrity endorsers (e.g. athletes, actors) in the hope that celebrities may boost effectiveness of their marketing for at least a century. One of the early examples is Queen Victoria‟s  endorsement of Cadbury‟s Cocoa (Sherman 1985). Regardless of these hindrances, celebrity endorsed advertising is an important marketing tool which when used at the correct time, may prove to be far more rewarding.

Research Motivation and Research Question

 Since India consumers have always idolised celluloid stars (Katyal, 2007) and looked up to them, hence it makes great logic to use celebrities as spokespersons and influence consumers‟ purchase decision. As the market has now become very competitive and with so many celebrities endorsing various brands and some also involving in multiple product endorsements, it makes for a great research study to understand the Indian consumer behaviour and purchase decision, through the influence of these celebrity endorsements. Keeping this in mind the purpose of this dissertation is to understand the impact of celebrity endorsement on the Indian consumers purchase decision. Also focusing on how consumers‟ perceive the difference between endorsements with celebrities and non celebrities. It also aims at discussing the extent to which the masses are influenced by these popular celebrities appearing on screen to influence their purchase decisions.

Research Methodology
My research will focus on investigation the impact of celebrity endorsement on the consumers‟ purchase decision. In doing this I aim to follow a qualitative research method style. This would comprise of face to face interviews with the research participants and these interviews conversations would be recorded with the consent of the research samples. The research subjects would comprise of students, employed personnel‟s and trainees from the different within the age group. A qualitative approach would be used to answer the research question mentioned in the earlier section.

Outline of the Dissertation

 This dissertation is divided into six chapters, where each chapter targeting at a different area with reference to the research objective. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the research topic and briefly discusses the objectives and the methodology used for the study. Chapter 2 which presents an overview of the advertising industry as well as presenting the literature review which consists of the various sectors such as celebrity as a spokesperson, celebrity and non-celebrity advertising, different models on effectiveness of celebrity endorsement strategy. Further it also talks about celebrities endorsing multiple products and finally concluding with an Indian perspective on the consumer. . Chapter 3 discusses in detail the methodology and the data collection process for the purpose of conducting the research. Chapter 4 analyzes the outcomes of the interview process and provides a further discussion on the finding. Chapter 5 provides a summary of the findings and the discussion presented in the earlier section. It also provides recommendation for it as well. Chapter 6 aims at sighting the limitations of the study, further providing managerial implications and also recommending issues to be tackled for future research.

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